Italian Arias

Musical journey in Italian language. Inspiring antique arias, written by Italian masters, who were creating Florentine Camerata up to the end of the XVI century. They shaped opera – the new and the most exquisite musical genre. Magnificent works by Scarlatti, Caldary and Vivaldi. „L’isola disabitata” overture by Haydn ends baroque style and brings us to the „Le nozze di Figaro” overture in Presto which proclaims classical style. It allows us to listen to Mozart’s genius and have a look into the Figaro character. 

It is not the ordinary concert, it is a kind of an idea, a dream come true, a part of the extensive artistic conception that allows us to grow and develop and gain experience. […] It is a striving for perfection.

Premiere of the recital was held on the 13th September 2020 in Berlin-Beelitz-Heilstatten,  during the Kultur BHS project – „Italienische Arien”.

Several arias from “Italian Arias” recital have won 3rd prize during the 8th International Competition for Musicians “Performers of the XXI century” in Moscov (Russia).

Aleksander Kaczuk-Jagielnik

Aleksander Kaczuk-Jagielnik is a baritone from an artistic family, the son of photographer Piotr Jagielnik and painter Agata Kaczuk-Jagielnik. In the 2023/2024 artistic season, he is a young artist at the National Opera Studio in London. He completed his bachelor’s studies at the Vocal Department of the Karol Lipiński Academy of Music in Wrocław under the guidance of Prof. Bogdan Makal. Currently, he continues his studies at the master’s level with a focus on vocal and acting performance at the same institution. In the 2022/2023 season, he also participated in the Young Talent Development Program at the Polish National Opera. He has won numerous awards, including third place at the Danubia International Vocal Competition 2022 in Budapest and third place at the VII International Competition of Musicians-Performers “Performers of the 21st Century” in Moscow in March 2021. He actively participates in and organizes artistic projects, collaborating with young artists such as Paweł Popko, Michał Skowronek, and Bartłomiej Malarz. Despite his young age, he has already had many significant performances, concerts, and participation in opera projects in Poland and abroad. He has performed at venues such as the Polish National Philharmonic, the Polish National Opera, the Gorzów Philharmonic, the Sudecka Philharmonic, as well as abroad at the Welsh National Opera and Wigmore Hall. Additionally, he is the founder and president of the AKJ Foundation.

photo: Bartłomiej Nowosielski

collaborating piasnists:

photo: MMB

Michał Skowronek

Justyna Skoczek